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Final report on our Amchi-Project: Training on Tibetan Medicine 2016 – 2018

We need to deepen our understanding and knowledge of the Medicine Buddha’s practices. A peaceful state of mind and a perfect enlightenment can be attained through an integrated practice of skilful means and wis-dom. Through collective co-operation at the global level and concrete local action, we can hope to spread the medicine of Buddha Dharma to benefit one and all. Due to your kind support, we are in a better state to dedi-cate our merit.
All the six nuns have completed their three years theoretical and practical training provided by Dr.Karma Rap-sal, our senior Amchis including Dr Tsering Palmo, Dr Dorjay Youdol, and Dr Thupstan Dolma in March, 2018. The students express their gratitude to all the sponsors for their kind financial support. They gained required knowledge and experiences in collecting herbs too.
With the kind initiative and support from Dr. Cornelia Mallebrein and her friends from Germany and Swit-zerland, our nuns were able to complete their training in the field of Amchi medicine. Since 2009 Dr. Cornelia and her friends support us generously. They laid the foundation for a successful learning, such as the repair of our nunnery after the horrible rainstorm in 2010, the most needed glass veranda in front of our nunnery, cup-boards for the study books in the cells of the nuns, writing tables and chairs, a large water filter, quilts for all the nuns, and a computer with a big screen and the laptop for the office of Dr. Palmo and Angmo to LNA. We further got a wonderful large Solar system on our roof to have permanent light and electricity.
The success of the project would have not been possible without this generous support from our friends in Germany and Switzerland.

The goals of our Amchi-project is to provide health care services to the poor and needy and to spread aware-ness on mental health issues.
The nuns worked along with the senior Amchis at their clinics in Leh. They gained experience in pulse checking, urine and tongue examination, and interviewing the patients.
Every year we organised several two days medical camp in the most remote areas of the region and also in the Aryan valley. Our junior Amchis also took part in these camps. More than two hundred villagers received every time free treatment. The majority of our patients are elderly people with gastric problems, bronchitis, and Arthritis diseases, but also many children and their mothers.
We express our gratitude to our donors and sponsors and every individual, who have always encouraged our nuns in every sphere. We will continue our contribution for our people in Ladakh as well as in the Himalayan region. Once again thank you so much for all the kind financial support and your kind visit in the past at Ladakh Nuns Association. We all the nuns are praying for all of your good health, success and to fulfill your noble wishes. We deeply appreciate, and we will keep in touch in the future too.

Tibetan medicine consists of philosophy, science, and healing practices that can help to create and maintain a healthy mind and body. The Tibetan name for this holistic healing system is Sowa Rigpa, which means the science of healing. Tibetan medicine teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy. By using Tibetan medicine for self-care, you will become aware of how your thoughts and behaviors influence your health and happiness.

We express our deepest gratitude to all the people who have helped us with this important three year lasting health project. The Amchi project was kindly supported by:
1. Members of the Rotary Club Singen (Hohentwiel).
our nun: Tsewang Lhamo
2. Members of the Rotary Club A 81, Mr. Wolfgang Czizegg and Mr. Peter Fischer
our nun: Padma Lhadol
3. Mrs. Michaela Link and Mrs. Dr. Katrin Knorpp
our nun: Sonam Chorol
4. Mrs. Brigitte Aumeyer
our nun: Yangchan Lhamo
5. Mr. Michael and Mrs. Hanni Greuter
our nun: Yangchan Lhamo
6. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Spohn and Mrs. Ulrike Haas-Spohn
our nun: Yangchan Lhamo
7. Dr. Gunter and Birgit Langbein
our nun: Sonam Dolkar
8. Mrs. Denise Wagner
our nun: Rinchen Angmo

Thank you so much for all the kind support from all of you. We always praying for the great success for all of you from Ladakh Nuns Association.

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LNA students recent news

LNA sending lots of thank for the very kind support from all the sponsors. Dr.Cornelia Malebrein and her friends sponsorship six nuns have completed their Amchi training this year. All the Amchi students are still working very hard in looking and caring for the poor and needy people in ladakh.

Ven Thubten Dolma ( President) of LNA participated in the Long life Puja for H.H The Dalia Lama in Dharamsala for one week. This year all the nuns from different sects of Buddhist Nuns Institutes received a precious opportunity to offered the Stan-shuk for His Holiness The 14th Dalia Lama.

School opened again in 2nd week of march 2018. All LNA four nuns students studying  medical subject in the Central Institute of Buddhist obtained high marks in the exams.

LNA nuns  invited to participated for chanting prayers  in the International Buddhist Conference in New Delhi . Dr.Palmo and four Amchies students participated in the International Conference on Sa-wa  Rig ( Tibetan Medicine ) in Saranth Varanasi for five days.

One nuns selected to  teach in the Riglam School at Kargil district. All the nuns students are working very hard in their studies. Dr.Palmo and Sonam Chorol met the students studying in  the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies Saranth. They exchanged about their progress in their studies and plan to visit for the two months summer holidays in June.





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newsletter 2017


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My brief experience of the Kalachakra Initiation

by Tsering Lhadon ( CUTS)

Bodhgaya is located in Bihar. It is a home to the  holistic sites for Buddhist, where the Gautama Buddha received Enlightenment 2600 year ago. Bihar is densely populated and  poor part of northern India. More than two lack people all around the world gathered happily to receive the 34 Kalachakra Initiation from H.H. The Dalia Lama. It was held peacefully from the 3rd of Jan till the 14th of Jan.2017.

We started our journey from Varanasi on the 4th of Jan. with our teachers and students in the bus. We all reached joyfully and safely in the evening at Bodh Gaya. From the 5th of Jan we all cheerfully joined the teachings everyday. We wake up at 5 a.m. and attended the prayer from 7 a.m.10.30 a.m. and from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. His Holiness preached us about the path of Buddistsave avatara the path of (Buddhichita) life, to develop love compassion and  inner peace. The last three days we received the  Kalachakra Initiation

Indeed, I feel immensely blissful and privileged to  the opportunity to visit the holy places for the first time in my life. As well as, I feel boundless fortunate to receive Kalachakra teachings from the most noble person in today’s world, His Holiness The Dalia lama.

May His Holiness The Dalia Lama live long and nearby. May his messages of love and Compassion spread the whole world.   May we all received lots of happiness in every steps of our future.

Teaching at Bodhgaya

by Jigmet Chorol  ( CUTS)

In the commence of New Year 2017 everyone wished people of the world had got a great opportunity to visit to the holy place, “Bodhgay”(where Shakya Muni Buddha achieved enlighten)to receive  Kalachakra Initiation from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Kalachakra is a term in Vajrayana Buddhism that is wheel of time or time cycle. It is a complex teaching on giving permission or granting the authority to practice the tantra in Tibetan Buddhism. So this year the Initiation was held in Bodhgaya. Hundreds and thousands of people has gathered there to receive the initiation and also some may be for seeking advice from the great teacher His Holiness.

His Holiness always works for world peace. He shows the path to us. During Kalachakra also, he had given a profound teaching on how to be a good human being. Over all the essence of Kalachakra is to generate compassion and love towards all sentient beings and to be a good human being. The goal of every religion is dedicated to work for the welfare of others with unconditional   love and compassion. He encourages us to work for the universal responsibility.  We can promote world peace only when we realize the feelings or value of others. Whatever we do, we have to do for the welfare of others

Therefore, lastly I want to thank all our sponsors that we are very grateful for your all support and gratitude. Today we all can study with a good health is because of your support. We hope and pray that all sponsors may live a long life with a healthy mind and body.

Glimpse of Bodhgaya

 by Spalzes Angmo (CUTS)

A few months before, the student Welfare Committee of the Central University of Higher Tibetan Studies and the mess mangers made a plan for the students related to the 34th Kalachakra Initiation at Bodhgaya which start from the 3rd of Jan.  continued up to 14th January 2017.

The student welfare committee members and mess manger prepared well for both boys and the girls students. On the 4th Jan, we all took rest and went to meet our parents, teachers, and relatives.

Jigmet, lhadon and I went to meet Dr.Palmo and dharma sister Ven.Thubten Dolma. They visited the Bodhgaya few days before, we met both of them we had tea together, they are staying in a rented tent from the Ladakh Buddhist Association, leh near the Stupa. Then we went to the main stupa, there we circumubulate the stupa for a few time.

After that Dr.Palmo took us for lunch in a nice restaurant. We all had a very delicious lunch together, In the evening we came back to our place. During that days we all felt very glad that after a long time we met Dr.Palmo and dharma sister from ladakh.

His Holiness teaching started from the 3rd   and continued till the 14th of Jan, I learnt was that we should be kind hearted towards other sentient beings. We should know human values. Every sentient being want happiness and no one want suffering. Today world that unfortunately we lack of our human values, kindness, practice of forgiveness and compassion toward ourselves as well as towards all the sentient beings. On this grand occasion I promised that I will try my best to be kind with very one and control my negative thought.

On 15th of Jan. all the students visited Nalanda and Rajgir which are considered a very blessed place so far as Buddhism is concerned. We all travelling’s all the night no one faced any problem during the initiation as well as on Journey. We felt very inspired as well as very blessed.

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Amchi class start from the 1st of Feb.2017

All the six amchi students are back from their winter holidays. Their class started from the 1st of Feb.2017. Its very cold as there heaving snow fall in ladakh. All the students and the team of LNA organised wood and cow dung to warm up their class room.

Central Institute of Buddhist studies reopened on the 15th of March. Its still very cold to attend the class but all the nuns went to School.

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H.H The Dalia Lama teachings at Bodh Gaya

This winter 16 students are receiving English tuition class every day for two hours. All the nuns studying out of ladakh like attended the 34 Kalachakara Initiation at Bodh Gaya from H.H.The Dalia Lama.

Ven Dr.Palmo and  Ven. Thubten Dolma ( New President of LNA) got the opportunity to attend the teachings and met all the students at Bodh Gaya.

Majority of the students went for winter holidays to meet their parents and relatives. All of the them will be back on 27th of Feb.

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Geshe Ma in Ladakh

On the 22nd of Dec. 2016 will be a great day for all the nuns in Tibetan Mahayana tradition. Three nuns from Zanskar valley will receive the Geshe ma (Phd) in Buddhist Philosophy certificates from H.H The Dalai Lama at Depong Monastery in South India.

1.Ven Lobzang Choskit from Zanskar (Tsazar village),studying in Jangchub Choling Nunnery South india

2.Ven Tenzin Lhadron Zanskar (Ubarak village),

3.Ven.Rinchen Pal Zanskar ( Padum village),

Rinchen Pal and Tenzin Lhadron are studying in Jamyang Choling Nunnery Institute Dharamsal in (H.P)

We all the nuns from Ladakh/Zanskar/ Nubra and Changthang area are very happy for their great achievements on the path of Dharma. They are the role Models for the future younger generation for Ladakhi region. We all the nuns are praying for their long life, success and good health for future.We all the nuns and women from ladakh salute them from the depth of our heart.


DSC02846 Picture 1

The sculpture of the wheel of Dharma.

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News letter 2015


All the nuns again participated in a week’s fasting retreat in the month of February. It’s a special practice of the “Avalokiteshvara” (thik-chen So-jong). Many lay women also attended the retreat. The gathering dedicated their special prayers to all the sponsors, supporters and friends of LNA.

March: Schools reopened in March after the winter break, and the students returned from their winter holidays. The students of class 10 and 12 set for their annual exams.

Training new batch on the Tibetan Medicine:

The executive committee of LNA met to make a plan and decide on the Amchi four year training program. Amchi  Rabsal from the Tibetan settlement and Amchi  Palmo will take the classes for  eight students. Six nuns and two girls got selected for the training.

The Clinic is well functioning, and with time we see is increase in Amchi Medicine in the community. Therefore, we believe, we need to train more of our nuns to help the poor and helpless people in the community.

Leadership and Community-building:

Madam Beva Estaman is very kind again sponsoring for the training on “Non-violent communication and Peace Building” for nuns and lay women. We organized four workshops for hundred twenty nuns and four workshops for three villages for more than ninety women.

The workshops were very beneficial for nuns as well as women of the villages. It helped women to build close network to tackle their most stressful and difficult times. It was a great inspiration for all the nuns to know each other’s hardships and problems. Most of the women were very confident and empowered to stand on their feet to face the challenges in their communities. Moreover, they requested us to conduct such “Peace building workshops” in the future too. They believe, calm mind help many of them to be more positive.

Leadership training  for Nuns at Dharamsala:

In March the Tibetan Women Association and Tibetan Nuns Project Dharamsala  sponsored and organized a week long leadership training for Nuns. Eight nuns from Ladakh  participated  the training; one  nun from Sakay Thinlesling Nunnery, and two  nuns from each Nunneries.  Thubten  Choskorling  Nunnery of Leh, Thardot Choling  Nunnery of  Rezong, Thikchen Choling Nunnery  of Temisgang. It was very beneficial for our nuns as they become more confidants to empower other nuns in their Nunneries. They were also very much inspired to met with nuns from fifteen different Nunneries during the training program.  It was also a great opportunity for all of them to meet with Tibetan Cabinet Minister Mr. Lobzang Sangey la. They shared their experience for our nuns in Leh which really helped all of them to attend this important workshop in the future. All the participants sending lot of thanks to Tibetan Women Association and Tibetan Nuns Project for their very kind support as well as sponsoring and in offering this great opportunity for us.

Computer Training:

For the first time we received three months training on Computer Applications for nine nuns. Leh Sadhbavana (Indian Army initiative) organized the program. We are very grateful to “G.O.C. Brig. Patalai ji “Brig. Shankar  & Madam Jayashree for their concern and kind support. We are very grateful for them also in sponsoring for the Solar Glass house for the students.

Sadhbavana Leh also Sponsored free medical check-Thanks  again to the Sadhbavana  for their very kind sponsored and  helped us to received free medical check- up for more than 150 nuns at the Army General Hospital, Leh. All the nuns received physical checkup, ENT and Dental’s check- up too.

 A prayer session for the sponsors and supporters:  In April, once again LNA performed a three days puja ( Namgal Stongchod)  for all the sponsors and supporters of LNA; more than hundred nuns participated. We dedicated these prayers for the longevity of our patronage the most Venerable Gaden Tri Rezong Rinpche, friends, sponsor and supporters to fulfill their noble wishes. Four nunneries (Thekchen Choling Tingmosgan, Thardot Choling Rezong, Thubten Choskorling Nunnery Leh, and Dechen Choling Skidmang) joined together to make this offering of Long life Puja under the guidance of Venerable Urgen Rinpcohe and the nuns from Skidmang Nunnerie. They  also helped to lead and conducted the prayers.

Scholarships for nun students:

Three nuns from LNA got through the entrance exams at the Central University of Higher Tibetan Studies at Saranath (Varanasi) in July. They obtained 1st division in the entrance exams and got admission in the hostel too. Two nuns studying at Siddhartha School (Stok village) passed their 10th board exams with good marks. Three nuns studying at the Lamdon  Model Senior Secondary School (Leh) also passed their board 10th exams with high marks. Three nuns are waiting to go for their further studies in Dharamsala  end of January 2016.

Three nuns studying at the Sakya Nunnery Institute at Dheradun spent their two months summer holidays at LNA nunnery and helped us with the activities of the organization.

 Traditional Medicine Training:

In May, we started four years of Amchi training (Traditional Tibetan Medicine) with a group of eight students. This is for the second time that we are organizing such training for the nuns. Amchi Karma Rapsal and Amchi Palmo and Amchi Thubten Dolma, Amchi Dorje Youdol took the responsibilities.

In the first week of June, all the students went on a field trip at nearby village of Pethub Parka. They were introduced to the herbs and other medicinal plants. Again in July all the students and our staffs gone for herbs collection in the mountains at Khardong la.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama in leh.

A two week training of Buddhist studies was conducted at Pethub Monastery, inaugurated by H.H. The Dalai Lama. More than twenty nuns got opportunity to attend the workshop. They came from six different Nunneries. We took the responsibility of their accommodation and convenience arrangements from our nunnery to the Monastery for two week.  This is the very first time that nuns are also invited to participated in the studies program with the monks.  Our students got new idea on learning method based on Buddhist Philosophy this year. Most of our nuns studied in School with different Academy Subjects, Like math, Science, Technology, Social Science, English etc. It’s inspiring for all of them that Buddhist Philosophy help them to search for a new way to understand the real meaning of Buddha’s teachings more in a deeper way.

New Infrastructure and Facilities:

Mr. Graham Cunningham sponsored the new hostel building for the nuns at Saboo. We  Collected all the building materials and prepared the ground for the construction. All the nuns worked very hard to prepare a small garden with varieties of flowers at the Leh Nunnery.

 Herbs Cultivation & Gardening:  

We started cultivating herbs at the Chuchot village, half an hour drive from LNA center. The efforts were supported with seedling donations from the Defense Institute at Leh. We are also fortunate to receive Local sponsors Mrs. Yangzom and their family to use their land for the herbs and the gardening project.

 Workshop on Health (Prevention of disease):

Dutch Foundation Board members visited. Madam  Myar De Roy (Chair women),  Madam  Marlies Bosh (Secretary), Madam  Ingrid Foeken and  Madam Anike. A one day workshop was conducted for twenty five nuns from five different nunneries. Ingrid and Marlise Bosh taught  on the book named “Our Bodies Ourselves”It was really helpful for the nuns to care of their health in proper way. All the nuns are very happy to understand in a better way about their body systems.

Dr. Palmo was invited  to gave a  talk  for about sixty nuns studying at the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies of Choglamsar, Leh about Mental Health.

In July, Dr. Nancy.P.Chin from the University of Rochester Medical Center from America visited with her students group and conducted three days training for the nuns. This workshop is also related with Physical  and Mental Health as well as on the Preventation of Diseases too.  All of them stayed within the nunnery and also moved to Matho village with our nuns to conduct a survey about the village health. This is the Ist time exchanged programmed for our nuns. All the nuns are very happy to learnt from the Medical group of Dr,Nancy. They also presented a report they collected during their five days survey for LNA in the village. Its really a great helped for us to understand the method of their survey.

 Prayer for Teachers all the sponsors ,supporter/Donors and friends :

Ten-shuk (long life prayer) was offered to Most Venerable Gaden Tri Rezong Rinpche   Thubten Nima la (88 year old). Five nunneries were in charge and members of the nunneries attended it two days. More than two hundred nuns get together for this special occasion. The villagers too joined the nuns. It is organized and sponsored in collaboration with the five nunneries. Two nuns also attended five days long life Puja for H.H The Dalia lama (80 Years old) at Dharamsala.

Its very important for all the disciples to join together in offering prayers deep from heart to repay the kindness of teachers prayers also dedicated for all  sponsors as well as for World Peace.

Installed Solar Power Light

Dr. phil. Cornelia Mallebrein from Germany visited us with her group on 18th of August. They inaugurated the Solar System which they sponsored and donated with the kind sponsors from all the members of the Zonta-Club Zürich and the AGAPE Foundation. We are very thankful to all the sponsors that really helped all the students to study in the Solar lights early morning and late night. Its solved us the problems of light facing last ten years, as there were shortage of electricity during the exams of our students. All the nuns are very Happy and praying for their very kindness


On 2nd of August thirty five nuns were ordained. It was sponsored and organized by the three Nunneries (Tingmosgang Thekchen Choling, Geyphel ling and Thubten Chhoskorling Nunneries). The Most Ven. Gaden Tri Rinpoche la  gave the ordinations to thirty five  nuns. This is the 4th time that ordination of novices were sponsored and arrangement are done at the L.N.A.

Free Medicine distribution:

Our Medical team of Amchi visited again this late autumn at Omla villages and gave treatment for more than seventy five  patients. This medical treatment is sponsored by our Australia co-ordinater (Miss. Evonne Papadopoulos and her friends). The villagers deeply appreciated this Free treatments program. Many patients are suffering from Asthma, indigestion, join pain, back pain. Two patients are suffering from Epilepsy. They requested us to continue the treatment in the future.

Summer Events

Mr Phunshok (Engineer) and Volunteer members worked for the preparation of the future hostel site plan at Saboo village. Venerable Geshe Deyang kindly accepted our request to teach lessons on Buddhism every day for the team and students of LNA.

Ms Barbara Steinmann ( Wanderlust Switzerland) again visited with her Women  group and attend a half day chanting as well as talk session from our students.

Yeshe Khandro and Dolma from the “ Tibet Vent de Liberte France “visited and updated the nuns sponsored from . They also helped to raise fund to open a small shop for our nuns to start to generate income.

Ms. Li Fang Volunteer  to record the LNA history. Ms.Paramita also volunteer to capture a video about the our  activities last year.Dr. Marguerite Theophil (coordinator LNA in India) visited again from Mumbai. She conducted a five -day workshop at Lamdon Model Senior Higher Secondary School for their teachers on educating the children.

Thanks to the Tibet Fund (USA) once again for updating and collecting new nuns’ case history to lookup for sponsors.

Madam Isolde Walter and Madam Anne Renken visited from Germany to meet their sponsored nuns and learn about the progress and improvements. Ms.Evonne  helped and sponsored our new website; there is good information of the nuns.

Madam Hannelore from the Kinder Himalayan Germany also visited to help in activation of our education project. Ms. Nel Willken visited to meet the nuns at Temisgang village, and LNA to listen of the improvement of the activities.Madam Nana Zeischo from Germany once again made the programme for LNA to conduct the half a day prayer  for her women group.

 Sale of DVDs and Postcards:

This year DVD and the post cards have been sold at LNA for the visitors.

 Autumn Activities:

Thanks for Dr.Rangrut (Thailand) for arranging acupuncture training for four nuns and it was quite helpful and implemented the treatments on nuns as of now and due to shortage of needles we didn’t invite public patients so far. We are planning to open a mini- acupuncture centre in April 2016.

One week in December, all the Amchi and the students once again prepared health tonic to distribute among students and patients under the care of LNA.

Miss Marianne Wiseman again visited our Nunnery. She was very kind to sponsor new office Computer chairs and sponsoring for two Amchies nuns in driving. LNA team and students are also very happy to meet Marianne Wiseman and to learn more about management systems and improve activities of the association for future.

Special Thanks & Appreciation:

Mr & Mrs.Hiroshi and Hediko Aikata (friend and supporter) from Japan very kindly sent us donation from them their relatives & friends for supporting the  education Project.

Dr.phi. Cornelia Mallebre (Germay), Madam Denise Wagner ( Switzerland), Giny Brummelhuis Ms Varaporn Whang (Thailand), Madam Helga Wittlinger & Gunter ( Germany), Mr. Venkat Kantheti  and  Dr.Marga Theophil Dr.Narayan of Indian Development Foundation (Mumbai), and every one  had connection with us.

We feel really grateful to Miss Marianne and Madam Jayershree for  their kind suggestions and advice for us to reflect for the future of LNA .

Ms. Evonne  helped in checking and maintaining the income and the expenditure of our Clinic for the last six years. It’s really a great help for us to keep the records in the Excel program with her very kind help.

 Thank you to all of the sponsors and donors for 2015. All of the nuns at LNA deeply appreciated your  very kind support. In case, inadvertently, if we have missed mentioning any name of friend of LNA kindly accept our apologies.



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News letter 2016 H.H.The Dalai Lama visit

Our two students named Stanzin Dawa and Sonam Yangzin received awards in bhoti essay writing competition during 2559th celebration of Buddha Jayanti. They are studying in Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School, Leh.

All the six Amchi students receiving So-wa Rigpa Medical training in the Ladakh Nuns Association had completed their second year exams with flying colors in the month of October.

We started the construction of the LNA Hostel at the Saboo thang. It is for the welfare of all those nun students who are coming from most of the remote areas such as Changthang, Zangskar and Nubra Valley. We all the nuns also built a Namgyal Stupa in our Institute area for the welfare of all the  supporter/Doners/sponsor/friends and dedicated for the long life of the H.H. The Dalia lama.

On August 17th, His Holiness the 14th Dalia Lama visited at our nunnery. More than  hundred nuns got the opportunity to listen to his talk. This is the very first time we all the nuns from Ladakh Nuns Association got the great opportunity to present the activities and the progress report to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and our Ministers.In 1999, we received donation of   Rs. Five lac thirty three thousand and five hundred (5,33,500) from His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s office which we built 20 rooms to provide accommodation for the nuns and a library.

It’s a historical day for the Ladakhi nuns that we all are waiting since last many years to invite His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama to present our progress report and to receive advice and guidance for the future. His Holiness The Dalia Lama encouraged all the nuns to study hard and to be broader minded to educate the younger generation on the path of spiritually. His Holiness deeply appreciated and thanks to the team of Ladakh Nuns Association for their tireless effort in improving the situation of the nuns.The Medical training is most important so that the nuns can really contribute to the communities.  Under the Patronage of His Eminence Galden Tri Rezong Sras Rinpoche.We put lot of effort to educate the younger nuns on Tibetan Medicine and Buddhist Philosophy from last twenty years.

Since many years, LNA is working to empower the women on the path of Dharma as well as to strengthen their confident to face the challenges in a practical way. Dr.Palmo deeply appreciated for supporting the welfare of the nuns.  All the nuns from the fifteen Nunneries, the members of the executive Committee and the villagers are very happy and rejoiced deeply.One day Conference organised on 19th of March in collaboration with the Jammu and Kashmir Culture Academy of Leh. The theme of the Conference was “Contribution of Nuns in Promotion of Ladakhi Culture and Languages”. Four nuns presented papers during the conference and more than forty nuns from eight different Nunneries participated.

We started to cultivate the herbs and organic vegetables inside Leh at the gonpa village this year. We went to the Herbs collection in the villages and in the mountain areas. All the medical students are working very hard in their studies. The students are very happy to meet again and to share their basic knowledge of the medicine.All the  fifteen nuns students studying out of ladakh in Dharamsala, Jamyang Choling Nuns Institute, Sakya Nuns College Dehradun, Varanasi Central University for Higher Tibetan Studies received two months extra Buddhist Philosophy class in Dharamsala during their summer holidays. LNA sponsored for their transportation, house rent and tuition fee.

The head of the three Nunneries got the great opportunity to participate for one day workshop on women health and prevention of diseases at the Basgo Gephel ling nunnery.

Long life prayer offered to the Most Venerable Gaden Tri Rezong Sras Rinpoche ( Patronage) of LNA. The one day program sponsored and organized collectively by five Nunneries together.

We organised five days public teaching in our Nunnery at Lower Skara, Leh. In which more than eighty people and fifteen nuns participated.The Amchi group helped to provide free medicine and consultation for two hundred public through our Clinic at Skalzangling. Two nuns volunteer to learn about the Ear curing treatment in the Ngari Institute at Saboo. We started to provide ear checking and treatment through the machines sponsored by our friends from Australia.It is an important exposure tour for all the nuns out of Leh and to help them to study the life of people in the remote area of Changthang as well as to study about the natural herbs in the fields and in the mountains.

More than fifteen students from LNA got the opportunity to participate the two week teachings on the mind and body at the Thiksey Monastery. H.H.The Dalai Lama also gave teaching for three days on the mind training and spiritual healing too.

Traditional Tsa Tsa making of the Three Buddha, like Amitayu, White Tara and Amitaba is  mainly to dedicate for the long life of our Great Gurus. This year all the nuns prepared more than thirty thousand Tsa Tsa from clay. It was blessed with the prayer and put in the Stupa.

All the students saved their holidays in helping to grow the organic vegetables in the village of Gonpa near Leh. It helped them to care their health by using the organic vegetables in their kitchen.

Kalachakara Chakra: Preaching of H.H The Dalia Lama LNA  completed a A documentary film on 33rd Kalachakara  in Bhoti language and distributed in the community of ladakh. Its helped the nuns to make their visibility visiting in more than seven villages and reminded people to practice Dharma in a practical way.

The most Ven. Gaden Tri Rezong Rinpoche la gave  ordination first time in  Ist time in 2009 for forty two nuns. The 2nd times in 2015  the ordination arranged and sponsored by Ladakh Nuns Association in Leh. Thirty seven nuns got the opportunity to received the ordination. They are from three different Nunneries.

Ven.Yangzin Dolma competed her (nine years) studies from the Ngagyur Nyingma Institute ( Bylakupe, Mysore District Karnataka State.. She taught all the students about the Shantideva Bodhisattva carya vatara for about four months.

Since from  1996 the members of the ladakh Women Alliance are still supporting and helping in improving the situation of our nuns in ladakh.

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