Newsletter 2013

Volunteer Teacher

In August 2012, Madam Jayashree volunteered to teach the nuns at LNA; during the two month winter holiday she gave them free tuition. As a result, all the students from Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School and the Siddhartha School obtained high marks in their exams. In addition, three nuns studying Tibetan medicine obtained high marks in their exams in March and two nuns passed their 9th class board exams.
We are deeply thankful to Madam Jayashree for her tireless work in helping the nuns with their education.

Medical Students

The students from the Central Institute for Buddhist Studies are progressing well: three nuns gained admission to study Tibetan Medicine, a six-year training program. It is a great advantage for the nuns to be able to study in Ladakh and live in the nunnery.

Interfaith gathering

It was really a great inspiration for Norzom and Dr. Palmo to attend the three- day workshop at Wangshit Ashram in Bangkok. INEB sponsored the travelling expenses and the food during the workshop. We are thankful to IWP, Ouyporn Khuankaew and Ginger Norwood for their teaching.

Study Tour

Four Amchis and one senior student, Jigmet Lhazes, and three nuns from Rezong Nunnery, travelled to South India where they attended a fifteen-day teaching by H. H. the Dalai Lama. They are very grateful to the Pethub Khamstan organization in South India for providing them with free board and lodging. The Amchis had a study tour to learn about different kinds of health-related treatments in India. The group also had a meeting with Mumbai LNA coordinator Dr. Marguerite Theophil and her friends. The nuns are grateful to Captain Balasu and his
wife Shamyla for their hospitality in Mumbai. Dr Naraya invited the nuns to visit a Christian Nunnery where they met the nuns and were inspired to see their work in treating sick people and looking after children.

Puja for Sponsors and Supporters

In March LNA performed a one day puja for all the sponsors and supporters of LNA; more than twenty monks and fifteen nuns participated. We dedicated these prayers for the longevity of our friends and supporters and to fulfill all of their noble wishes.

Donation of Apricot Trees

LNA was fortunate to receive a generous donation of 200 apricot trees from Mr Skarma Dhomkar Barma. The trees were planted at the LNA site and at Rezong and Bodhkhar nunneries.
LNA Nuns on TV

Jayashree linked her friend, Madam Anju with LNA and she helped to make a television program about our nuns for Doodarshan. She worked very hard with the team to interview each nun and describe the daily activities of the nunnery, focusing on the nuns’ contribution towards social change. It’s the very first time that LNA nuns have had the opportunity to express themselves through the media.
Mumbai Students’ Visit

In April students from the Tata Social Science Institute in Mumbai joined LNA for their internship. A Ladakhi student who is studying there set up this connection. The students worked very hard for more than three days to study the structure and working of LNA. They also conducted a workshop with the LNA team. It was very beneficial for the team to review their roles and responsibilities for the future.
Dr Palmo Hands Over to the Next Generation!

On April 15 the LNA general body meeting was held in the Nunnery. Most of the senior nuns participated with the executive members of LNA. Dr Palmo resigned from her role as President; she has been President for nine years and is now happy to hand over to the other nuns. Dr Palmo was requested to continue her work as President of the LNA for a further year, thus giving time to prepare a smooth transition for the new President. Mrs. Kunzang Yangchen is the new Secretary, Tsering Norzom, the Accountant and Kunzang Dechen the Treasurer. President of the Management Committee, Ven. Thubstan Palden, requested the four nuns and two lay women to work together for the future of LNA.
Summer Tour to Europe

Unfortunately the planned summer tour to Europe did not eventuate, as the German Embassy in Delhi did not issue visas. LNA was disappointed on behalf of the friends in Europe who had done so much work to prepare for the tour.
Summer Events
• Venerable Geshe Lobzang Wangchuk kindly accepted a request to give lessons on Buddhism every Thursday for the team and students of LNA.
• Two dentists from Mipal University Volunteers taught the LNA Amchis about dental treatment, checking and preventing tooth decay. They gave treatment for ten nuns in Leh twenty-five nuns in the Sakya Nunnery and forty students in the government school in Matho.
• At the end of June, a group went to Tsokar, in the Changthang area for three days to collect herbs.
• In mid July all the students have summer holidays; this year instead of going home they attended a workshop on team building and leadership skills.
• Nel Willekens arranged for seventeen Dutch visitors to attend a three-day workshop on healing, Tibetan medicine, pulse diagnosis, herb collection and introduction to Buddhism. In the evening the visitors and the nuns exchanged knowledge. Everyone enjoyed the experience and gained new knowledge.
• On 29th July H.H. the Dalai Lama came to Leh for a months’ retreat. All the nuns went to the airport to welcome him with khataks (white scarves).
• In August the director of Men-tsee-khang, the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute, Dharamsala, visited the nunnery. He advised the nuns to study modern education and traditional Tibet medicine, for the benefit of the local community.
• Dr. Palmo and the Amchi students went to Rangdum, Zanskar to collect herbs for five days.
• Isolde Walter and Helga visited from Germany to meet their sponsored nuns and learn about the progress and improvements in LNA. Karin from Germany also made a short visit to meet her sponsored nun and she took students for a one day trip to Sakti to meet the monk healer and visit the Monastery.
• Dr. Carola and Richard Weingarten visited LNA for the very first time. Dr Carola was Dr Palmo’s English teacher in Dharamsala. Both have extensive experience in working with non-government organisations, and they conducted a planning process with Dr Palmo. This process was later shared with the Management Team.
• Dr. Marguerite Theophil arranged for two teachers, Ms. Vijaya and Mr. Teja from Mumbai to give lessons to the students for ten days. They taught subjects related to the school curriculum and computer skills.
• Dr Cornelia Mallebrein visited with her friends and donated 18 book shelves for the students and they conducted a half-day exchange program with the students.
• The International Network of Engaged Buddhists from Thailand very kindly sent a representative, Miss Warla, to train the LNA office team in finance. She travelled to Thekchen Choling Nunnery, Timisgang and Thardot Choling Nunnery in Rezong to teach the nuns about financial programs.
Sale of DVDs and Postcards

Evonne Papadopoulos from Australia worked with LNA on fund raising projects since last year. The projects involved taking photos for post cards and creating a DVD and booklet of the nuns chanting different prayers. This year the DVD and the post cards have been sold by LNA and friends and supporter of LNA in different countries. Special thanks to Evonne for all her work to Kallika Bruce and all their friends. Thanks to Michael Stobes from Austria for his kind help in designing and printing the post cards.
Autumn Activities
• Thanks for Dr.Rangrut and her friend Mrs.Omyik (pictured) from Chiangmai, Thailand for arranging acupuncture training for four nuns and sponsoring food and board for three months.
• LNA team and students are also very happy to meet again with Marianne Wiseman to learn more about management systems and improve the activities of the association for the future.
• Hiroshi and Hediko Aikata (friend and supporter of LNA) from Japan visited with their yoga team to share knowledge of Yoga and to learn about Tibetan medical treatment.
Thank you to all of the sponsors and donors for 2013. All of the nuns at LNA deeply appreciate your support.

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