News letter 2016 H.H.The Dalai Lama visit

Our two students named Stanzin Dawa and Sonam Yangzin received awards in bhoti essay writing competition during 2559th celebration of Buddha Jayanti. They are studying in Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School, Leh.

All the six Amchi students receiving So-wa Rigpa Medical training in the Ladakh Nuns Association had completed their second year exams with flying colors in the month of October.

We started the construction of the LNA Hostel at the Saboo thang. It is for the welfare of all those nun students who are coming from most of the remote areas such as Changthang, Zangskar and Nubra Valley. We all the nuns also built a Namgyal Stupa in our Institute area for the welfare of all the  supporter/Doners/sponsor/friends and dedicated for the long life of the H.H. The Dalia lama.

On August 17th, His Holiness the 14th Dalia Lama visited at our nunnery. More than  hundred nuns got the opportunity to listen to his talk. This is the very first time we all the nuns from Ladakh Nuns Association got the great opportunity to present the activities and the progress report to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and our Ministers.In 1999, we received donation of   Rs. Five lac thirty three thousand and five hundred (5,33,500) from His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s office which we built 20 rooms to provide accommodation for the nuns and a library.

It’s a historical day for the Ladakhi nuns that we all are waiting since last many years to invite His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama to present our progress report and to receive advice and guidance for the future. His Holiness The Dalia Lama encouraged all the nuns to study hard and to be broader minded to educate the younger generation on the path of spiritually. His Holiness deeply appreciated and thanks to the team of Ladakh Nuns Association for their tireless effort in improving the situation of the nuns.The Medical training is most important so that the nuns can really contribute to the communities.  Under the Patronage of His Eminence Galden Tri Rezong Sras Rinpoche.We put lot of effort to educate the younger nuns on Tibetan Medicine and Buddhist Philosophy from last twenty years.

Since many years, LNA is working to empower the women on the path of Dharma as well as to strengthen their confident to face the challenges in a practical way. Dr.Palmo deeply appreciated for supporting the welfare of the nuns.  All the nuns from the fifteen Nunneries, the members of the executive Committee and the villagers are very happy and rejoiced deeply.One day Conference organised on 19th of March in collaboration with the Jammu and Kashmir Culture Academy of Leh. The theme of the Conference was “Contribution of Nuns in Promotion of Ladakhi Culture and Languages”. Four nuns presented papers during the conference and more than forty nuns from eight different Nunneries participated.

We started to cultivate the herbs and organic vegetables inside Leh at the gonpa village this year. We went to the Herbs collection in the villages and in the mountain areas. All the medical students are working very hard in their studies. The students are very happy to meet again and to share their basic knowledge of the medicine.All the  fifteen nuns students studying out of ladakh in Dharamsala, Jamyang Choling Nuns Institute, Sakya Nuns College Dehradun, Varanasi Central University for Higher Tibetan Studies received two months extra Buddhist Philosophy class in Dharamsala during their summer holidays. LNA sponsored for their transportation, house rent and tuition fee.

The head of the three Nunneries got the great opportunity to participate for one day workshop on women health and prevention of diseases at the Basgo Gephel ling nunnery.

Long life prayer offered to the Most Venerable Gaden Tri Rezong Sras Rinpoche ( Patronage) of LNA. The one day program sponsored and organized collectively by five Nunneries together.

We organised five days public teaching in our Nunnery at Lower Skara, Leh. In which more than eighty people and fifteen nuns participated.The Amchi group helped to provide free medicine and consultation for two hundred public through our Clinic at Skalzangling. Two nuns volunteer to learn about the Ear curing treatment in the Ngari Institute at Saboo. We started to provide ear checking and treatment through the machines sponsored by our friends from Australia.It is an important exposure tour for all the nuns out of Leh and to help them to study the life of people in the remote area of Changthang as well as to study about the natural herbs in the fields and in the mountains.

More than fifteen students from LNA got the opportunity to participate the two week teachings on the mind and body at the Thiksey Monastery. H.H.The Dalai Lama also gave teaching for three days on the mind training and spiritual healing too.

Traditional Tsa Tsa making of the Three Buddha, like Amitayu, White Tara and Amitaba is  mainly to dedicate for the long life of our Great Gurus. This year all the nuns prepared more than thirty thousand Tsa Tsa from clay. It was blessed with the prayer and put in the Stupa.

All the students saved their holidays in helping to grow the organic vegetables in the village of Gonpa near Leh. It helped them to care their health by using the organic vegetables in their kitchen.

Kalachakara Chakra: Preaching of H.H The Dalia Lama LNA  completed a A documentary film on 33rd Kalachakara  in Bhoti language and distributed in the community of ladakh. Its helped the nuns to make their visibility visiting in more than seven villages and reminded people to practice Dharma in a practical way.

The most Ven. Gaden Tri Rezong Rinpoche la gave  ordination first time in  Ist time in 2009 for forty two nuns. The 2nd times in 2015  the ordination arranged and sponsored by Ladakh Nuns Association in Leh. Thirty seven nuns got the opportunity to received the ordination. They are from three different Nunneries.

Ven.Yangzin Dolma competed her (nine years) studies from the Ngagyur Nyingma Institute ( Bylakupe, Mysore District Karnataka State.. She taught all the students about the Shantideva Bodhisattva carya vatara for about four months.

Since from  1996 the members of the ladakh Women Alliance are still supporting and helping in improving the situation of our nuns in ladakh.

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