Geshe Ma in Ladakh

On the 22nd of Dec. 2016 will be a great day for all the nuns in Tibetan Mahayana tradition. Three nuns from Zanskar valley will receive the Geshe ma (Phd) in Buddhist Philosophy certificates from H.H The Dalai Lama at Depong Monastery in South India.

1.Ven Lobzang Choskit from Zanskar (Tsazar village),studying in Jangchub Choling Nunnery South india

2.Ven Tenzin Lhadron Zanskar (Ubarak village),

3.Ven.Rinchen Pal Zanskar ( Padum village),

Rinchen Pal and Tenzin Lhadron are studying in Jamyang Choling Nunnery Institute Dharamsal in (H.P)

We all the nuns from Ladakh/Zanskar/ Nubra and Changthang area are very happy for their great achievements on the path of Dharma. They are the role Models for the future younger generation for Ladakhi region. We all the nuns are praying for their long life, success and good health for future.We all the nuns and women from ladakh salute them from the depth of our heart.


DSC02846 Picture 1

The sculpture of the wheel of Dharma.

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