LNA students recent news

LNA sending lots of thank for the very kind support from all the sponsors. Dr.Cornelia Malebrein and her friends sponsorship six nuns have completed their Amchi training this year. All the Amchi students are still working very hard in looking and caring for the poor and needy people in ladakh.

Ven Thubten Dolma ( President) of LNA participated in the Long life Puja for H.H The Dalia Lama in Dharamsala for one week. This year all the nuns from different sects of Buddhist Nuns Institutes received a precious opportunity to offered the Stan-shuk for His Holiness The 14th Dalia Lama.

School opened again in 2nd week of march 2018. All LNA four nuns students studying  medical subject in the Central Institute of Buddhist obtained high marks in the exams.

LNA nuns  invited to participated for chanting prayers  in the International Buddhist Conference in New Delhi . Dr.Palmo and four Amchies students participated in the International Conference on Sa-wa  Rig ( Tibetan Medicine ) in Saranth Varanasi for five days.

One nuns selected to  teach in the Riglam School at Kargil district. All the nuns students are working very hard in their studies. Dr.Palmo and Sonam Chorol met the students studying in  the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies Saranth. They exchanged about their progress in their studies and plan to visit for the two months summer holidays in June.





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