Final report on our Amchi-Project: Training on Tibetan Medicine 2016 – 2018

We need to deepen our understanding and knowledge of the Medicine Buddha’s practices. A peaceful state of mind and a perfect enlightenment can be attained through an integrated practice of skilful means and wis-dom. Through collective co-operation at the global level and concrete local action, we can hope to spread the medicine of Buddha Dharma to benefit one and all. Due to your kind support, we are in a better state to dedi-cate our merit.
All the six nuns have completed their three years theoretical and practical training provided by Dr.Karma Rap-sal, our senior Amchis including Dr Tsering Palmo, Dr Dorjay Youdol, and Dr Thupstan Dolma in March, 2018. The students express their gratitude to all the sponsors for their kind financial support. They gained required knowledge and experiences in collecting herbs too.
With the kind initiative and support from Dr. Cornelia Mallebrein and her friends from Germany and Swit-zerland, our nuns were able to complete their training in the field of Amchi medicine. Since 2009 Dr. Cornelia and her friends support us generously. They laid the foundation for a successful learning, such as the repair of our nunnery after the horrible rainstorm in 2010, the most needed glass veranda in front of our nunnery, cup-boards for the study books in the cells of the nuns, writing tables and chairs, a large water filter, quilts for all the nuns, and a computer with a big screen and the laptop for the office of Dr. Palmo and Angmo to LNA. We further got a wonderful large Solar system on our roof to have permanent light and electricity.
The success of the project would have not been possible without this generous support from our friends in Germany and Switzerland.

The goals of our Amchi-project is to provide health care services to the poor and needy and to spread aware-ness on mental health issues.
The nuns worked along with the senior Amchis at their clinics in Leh. They gained experience in pulse checking, urine and tongue examination, and interviewing the patients.
Every year we organised several two days medical camp in the most remote areas of the region and also in the Aryan valley. Our junior Amchis also took part in these camps. More than two hundred villagers received every time free treatment. The majority of our patients are elderly people with gastric problems, bronchitis, and Arthritis diseases, but also many children and their mothers.
We express our gratitude to our donors and sponsors and every individual, who have always encouraged our nuns in every sphere. We will continue our contribution for our people in Ladakh as well as in the Himalayan region. Once again thank you so much for all the kind financial support and your kind visit in the past at Ladakh Nuns Association. We all the nuns are praying for all of your good health, success and to fulfill your noble wishes. We deeply appreciate, and we will keep in touch in the future too.

Tibetan medicine consists of philosophy, science, and healing practices that can help to create and maintain a healthy mind and body. The Tibetan name for this holistic healing system is Sowa Rigpa, which means the science of healing. Tibetan medicine teaches that the purpose of life is to be happy. By using Tibetan medicine for self-care, you will become aware of how your thoughts and behaviors influence your health and happiness.

We express our deepest gratitude to all the people who have helped us with this important three year lasting health project. The Amchi project was kindly supported by:
1. Members of the Rotary Club Singen (Hohentwiel).
our nun: Tsewang Lhamo
2. Members of the Rotary Club A 81, Mr. Wolfgang Czizegg and Mr. Peter Fischer
our nun: Padma Lhadol
3. Mrs. Michaela Link and Mrs. Dr. Katrin Knorpp
our nun: Sonam Chorol
4. Mrs. Brigitte Aumeyer
our nun: Yangchan Lhamo
5. Mr. Michael and Mrs. Hanni Greuter
our nun: Yangchan Lhamo
6. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Spohn and Mrs. Ulrike Haas-Spohn
our nun: Yangchan Lhamo
7. Dr. Gunter and Birgit Langbein
our nun: Sonam Dolkar
8. Mrs. Denise Wagner
our nun: Rinchen Angmo

Thank you so much for all the kind support from all of you. We always praying for the great success for all of you from Ladakh Nuns Association.

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